The SmartHead Profile is a B2B digital solution for optimizing a company’s performance (SMEs, Large companies) through effective measuring, reporting, and transparently communicating sustainability results to stakeholders. Through the SmartHead platform, companies also have easy access to best practices from other companies and to expertise from international professionals in corporate sustainability, SDGs, and ESG. SmartHead was launched in 2016 and won the Chivas Venture Competition for social entrepreneurs and attended Accelerator at Saïd Business School – University of Oxford. In 2018, the CEO of SmartHead, Veri Osvald, was part of Forbes ranking of Top 10 Women Start-ups in Slovakia and was also nominated for EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2019.

Veri Osvald – Co-founder and CEO

SmartHead helps with smooth your internal processes

It is proven that most consumers will consider a company’s sustainable actions in their decisions to buy their products or services. We strongly believe that no matter the industry, every company has an authentic story to tell about how they’re acting for change over time. But as it is often the case with new communication areas, we’ve observed discrepancies between such authenticity and the actual output. Fragmented messaging, lack of tracking and industry comparison, or overall sparse data all have a damaging effect on what’s being communicated. We’ve created SmartHead with the ambition to create a simple product which not only addresses all these roadblocks but also helps you with all your sustainability-related internal processes. It also offers a centralized place for companies within and across industries to share their best practices.

Sustainability Profile multifunctional tool for your sustainability efforts

By creating a Sustainability Profile on, you are able to measure, report and transparently communicate your sustainability approach towards your stakeholders, whether internal or external (customers, employees, business partners, investors) and increase their loyalty. Through transparent communication of your sustainability approach you will increase employer attractiveness during hiring process mainly with the millennials and Generation Z. For your management decisions you have all your sustainability data in one place: activities, impacts, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), vision, reports, certificates, press releases.

You can simply analyze your progress with reports from your Sustainability Profile, find inspiration, new practical tips and best practices for your sustainability approach. Open the door to new potential cooperation with like-minded companies. Get inspired by practical use cases of our clients: Add a link to your company’s Sustainability profile in the job advertisements when you are looking for new team members. Navigate your customers to your Sustainability profile by adding a SmartHead QR code on your products or catalogues. Are you looking for new strategic or business partners? Send them a link to your Sustainability profile to increase your credibility and reliability as a partner.

Promote your sustainable activities to general public with Sustainability Profile

Your Sustainability profile is also a source for media – send journalists a link to your specific activity where they can easily find all relevant information. Send your Sustainability profile to your headquarters and report how you contribute to the company’s global vision in corporate sustainability. Save the time of your employees and simply export results from your Sustainability profile and add them to an annual report. Inform your employees on regular basis by using the feature automatic newsletters and engage them even more in the company’s sustainability activities.

As good examples you can find Sustainability profiles of multinational companies such as Dell Technologies, Tesco, Citi, IBM, Oriflame, EY, Accace, HB Reavis, McDonald‘s with their activities and vision towards corporate sustainability. At Dell Technologies, they are also committed to driving human progress. Progress Made Real articulates how they aim to create a positive impact by focusing on the following key areas: promoting sustainability, promoting diversity and inclusion, positive transformation of lives, promoting ethics and privacy. As their Bratislava Site Leader Stephen Caulfield said: “Corporate sustainability is core to what we do at Dell Technologies, it is not just a nice goal to have but a business imperative for us. At Dell Bratislava, we are proud to have created an environment where our employees can go beyond their day job and make a tangible difference for the communities in which they work and live as well as the planet as a whole. It is in our DNA!”.

Tesco‘s vision in sustainability is to bring great value so that everyone can enjoy quality food at affordable prices. But great value is not just about great prices. It also involves creating value in the broadest sense of the word, contributing to communities and society as a whole. “Every little help makes a big difference” is one of the main values of Tesco. It includes all the little things they do every day for colleagues around the world, in the thousands of communities in which Tesco operates, and for the millions of customers they care about. This value is at the heart of the Little Helps Plan, which describes an approach to the environmental and social challenges that matter most to Tesco customers, colleagues and communities.

Create your Sustainability Profile

It all starts with creating a Sustainability profile for your company, which takes minutes and is free. Our team is at your disposal to get you there, and will gladly walk you through all our other B2B services. As a company, we are fully committed to advocating sustainability in the business world. Let us help you be at the forefront of that great revolution and transition smoothly.

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