Reuters published its list of the world’s top climate scientists. The list includes the 1000 top scientists from all over the world.

The list is based on a combination of 3 scores: number of papers, field citation ratio and Digital Science’s Altmetric Attention Score. More information about the methodology can be found in the original article.

Most scientists work at universities and institutions of the United States, United Kingdom, China or Germany, these 4 countries representing almost 60% of all names. From Europe France, The Netherlands and Switzerland each with over 30 scientists.

From the Central European region altogether 17 scientists are on the list, namely the following:

  • Austria: Keywan Riahi, Petr Havlík, Michael Obersteiner, Joeri Rogelj, Rupert Seidl, Volker Krey, Erwin Schmid, David L Mccollum, Zbigniew Klimont, Yoshihide Wada, Pavel Kabat, Wilfried Winiwarter
  • Poland: Tim H Sparks, Zbigniew W Kundzewicz
  • Czech Republic: Miroslav Trnka
  • Estonia: Ülo Mander
  • Lithuania: Dalia Dalia Streimikiene

Reuters article with the full list is accessible here.

Cover picture: unsplash / Science in HD