Żywiec Zdrój, a leading company in the bottled water sectors has been involved in activities aiming at more effective recycling of beverage bottles in Poland for several years.

But in 2018, during the COP24 climate summit in Katowice, the company made an unprecedented pledge for PET bottle recycling.

The company announced that in 2020 it would collect and return into the value chain the same amount of plastic packaging  that the company places on the market in one year.

The company wanted to contribute to circular economy and cliamte change efforts by recycling the materials it introduces to the market.

As reported by businessinsider.com.pl the company announced that the target had been successfully completed.

To achieve its commitment the company made a cooperation with Rekopol, a packaging recovery organization, which on behalf of the brand implements the legal obligation to collect and recycle, cooperating with dozens of waste companies, sorting and recyclers throughout the country. This cooperation also ensures transparency of the process as well as compliance with applicable regulations.

By achieving its target despite the challenges experienced in 2020 the company hopes to motivate other companies as well to see plastic as a valuable raw material, not a waste. In addition to this action the company is now actively working to promote introducing a deposit system in Poland, which would be the most effective way to increase the level of PET material collection for the entire industry. Deposit systems are increasingly seen by the business sector as an effective way to increase the recycling ratios of consumer waste throughout the region.

Source: businessinsider.com.pl

Cover picture:depositphotos.com