Sustainability became top priority in fashion industry too. And with home deliveries representing an increasing share of revenues sustainability is becoming a hot topic in the logistics as well.

Zoot is a Czech fashion retailer company that tries to operate environmentally friendly and sustainably not solely to reduce its impact but also to gain economic benefits.

As reported by it completely changed the packaging materials in logistics to reduce waste generation. Individual orders that had been previously delivered in plastic bags were replaced by reusable textile bags in July 2020.

As the company explains as a result of this change 45,000 plastic bags a month can be saved, which means avoiding 900 kilograms of plastic waste. In addition the special closeable bags made of textile that are now used are purchased from a non-profit company that employs people with disabilities.

Another action at the company aiming at the reduction of packaging waste was to abandon the use of cardboard boxes and replace them with closable and durable plastic boxes.

According to the company this way up to 60,000 boxes weighing 42 tons per year can be saved and even though the new plastic boxes are much more expensive, after reusing the boxes 35 time they will have a return on their investment.


Cover picture: ZOOT