In view of the most recent effects of climate change in large parts of North America, Wienerberger is pursuing a consistent strategy of sustainable growth focused on innovation, sustainability and digitalization. Organic growth generated by pioneering product solutions and systematic expansion of its portfolio through M&As have made Wienerberger the leading provider of facade management solutions and water infrastructure in North America.

Storms, freak weather events and torrential rainfall clearly underline the importance of sustainable applications for facade construction and water infrastructure in North America. Fortunately, Wienerberger has already developed a large number of new systems for these areas in recent years. The chief factors for success are stormproof facade cladding and infrastructure improvements in water management through the use of new PVC pipe systems. Wienerberger has developed thin-brick cladding that offers durable protection against storms, hail and torrential rain and that can also be used to renovate and repair the facades of existing homes no matter what their style. This brick cladding has similar properties to solid brick and is an excellent alternative to the vinyl cladding previously used in North America, which is much more susceptible to storm damage.

“Given the sometimes-dramatic consequences of climate change, smart innovations for resource-efficient construction and renovation are becoming increasingly important. Using our facade solutions, for example, storm damage can be repaired quickly and sustainably and completely avoided in the future. Our ambition is to make an even more effective contribution to overcoming these challenges with our sustainable products for the building envelope. The goal of our further development is always to act in closest proximity to our customers and partners so we can offer them complete system solutions. The recently successfully completed acquisition of Meridian Brick further supports this process.” – Heimo Scheuch, CEO said.

Moreover, as a consequence of the tangible effects of climate change, experts are increasingly recommending solid forms of construction. Wienerberger’s brick cladding is extremely durable, and its very long lifespan make it the perfect material for sustainable construction that lasts for generations. Moreover, in addition to their excellent thermal insulation properties, brick facings have a high load-carrying capacity, are fire-resistant and regulate moisture.

Wienerberger is developing innovative solutions for the US water infrastructure market that will have a favorable impact on public infrastructure networks. The new product includes patented technology that eliminates previously common difficulties associated with the production and installation of standard PVC pipes. In future, this will prevent failures in existing pipe systems and significantly extend product lifecycles.

“To support our customers, Wienerberger continuously develops holistic, smart solutions to solve problems in facade construction and the infrastructure sector. As a pioneer in the building materials industry, we focus on developing smart construction materials and infrastructure solutions for new builds, renovation and infrastructure projects based on networking and digitalization. We will resolutely continue this product development strategy in order to offer our customers maximum support in adapting to climate change with tailor-made best practices.” – Heimo Scheuch added.


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