Austria’s market leader in the mineral water market, Vöslauer Mineralwasser GmbH, has announced a new sustainable packaging.

After the reintroduction of the reusable glass bottle in the trade in 2014, the launch of the first PET bottle made from 100% rePET in 2018 and the introduction of the first 0.5 liter returnable glass bottle in 2019, Vöslauer is now going one step further his plans to re-issue the first and so far only reusable PET bottle in Austria.

In the first quarter of 2022, Vöslauer will bring Austria’s first returnable PET returnable bottle to the market. The current 9×1 l rePET two-way deposit bottle will be completely replaced with the new solution. A major advantage of the new returnable PET bottle is the reduction of the CO2 footprint by up to 30% compared to the existing deposit packagings.

The lightweight PET returnable bottle also impresses with 90% less weight compared to the returnable glass bottle, it is very stable and unbreakable which is an unbeatable advantage in terms of handling, logistics and for end consumers.

When it is launched on the market, the returnable PET bottle will have a recyclate share of 30%, which is to be continuously expanded. The PET mono material used is also 100% recyclable and the labels are also made from 100% recycled material.

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