Corporate Knights released its 2021 top 100 ranking about the most sustainable companies. The list includes the 100 companies globally that have been found to be the best according to their selection criteria.

Verbund AG from Austria ( has been ranked as the 27th most sustainable company in the world with an overall score of 71.8%. This is an improvement compared to last year when the company was ranked to be the 33th in the same list.

The list is otherwise dominated by companies from Europe and USA. The top score was given to Schneider Electric from France. Interestingly 2 out of the top 10 companies are from Finland, and also 2 companies from the top 10 are companies that are from the oil and gas industry even though they started sustainable transition some year ago, namely Neste from Finland and Oersted from Denmark.

More information can be found on the Corporate Knights official website.

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