Have you ever wondered about how strong is the wind where you are actually? Why windfarms are built in certain places? Or what is behind the ambition of Poland and the Baltic region to be the next hotspot for offshore wind power generation?

One of the best sites to get both practical information and also understand the geographical background of wind power generation if you are not an expert already is windfinder.com

The site has been created mostly for users who are looking for information to select their surfing spots or plan their vacations. It offers forecasts for over 45000 places (“Spots”) worldwide that are of relevance to kitesurfers, windsurfers, surfers, sailors and paragliders.

But it also provides information that is useful for businesses, for example for insurance claims, they have a weather data archive dating back to 1999.

Source: windfinder.com

Cover picture: depositphotos.com