Poland’s largest national park, the Biebrza National Park is a natural treasure on the map of Europe and one of the last valleys in Europe not destroyed by man. Meanwhile, approximately 40% of the land does not belong to it. The Polish Żubr brand is working towards securing this priceless area – in cooperation with the park authorities, Żubr is helping to buy land that should be actively protected.

Buying land is the priority for the Biebrza National Park beause more than 40% of the Biebrza National Park still belongs to private owners and the park staff are unable to conduct appropriate nature conservation activities there.

But it is a long and costly process. The involvement of the Żubr brand means this process can be accelerated. The first of the planned plots has already been purchased with funding from the brand and thus has enlarged the Biebrza National Park’s ownership of the area.

Source and more information: prnewswire.com

Cover picture: depositphotos.com