By 2025, all debit, credit and pre-paid cards in European countries where the Santander Group operates will be produced from sustainable materials such as recycled PVC or corn-based ones. The Santander Group will also reduce the number of cards available on offer by more than 30% and will unify the card’s image in all countries.

Santander Bank Polska customers will receive the first cards made of environmentally friendly material at the turn of June and July.

The production of these cards uses less energy than the production of traditional plastic cards. As a result of the implementation of environmental cards by the Group, each year carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced by over 1,000 tons. In addition, the annual consumption of plastic will decrease by 60 tons.

Recently there have been an increased focus on the sustainability of plastic cards. We recently reported also that Sodexo in Czech Republic is recollecting and recycling the old benefit cards.


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