According to reports Synthos SA and Vattenfall AB are planning to jointly develop offshore wind farms on the Baltic Sea.

Synthos and Vattenfall intends to establish a joint venture to implement a joint project for the construction of wind farms in Poland and the Baltic Sea.

The two companies made the agreement just a few days after the Baltic countries signed a declaration of cooperation in the field of offshore wind energy. This is significant, because according to some assesments the Baltic Sea has a chance to become the second largest offshore wind energy market in Europe after the North Sea. According to WindErope, the offshore wind capacity in the Baltic Sea could grow from the current 2.2 GW to
up to 93 GW by 2050.

Synthos group has already announced in August 2020 the commissioning of a 1 MW photovoltaic farm. The installation was built on the premises of the production plant located in Oświęcim.


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