Sustainability and ESG job functions have been steadily increasing in number. Still, there are relatively few studies and assessments about the people working in them and their role.

One of the interesting examples is the study released by Deloitte in 2021 with the title:

The future of the Chief Sustainability Officer – Sense-maker in chief

It is based on survey conducted with professionals with CSO roles. It aims to explore what CSO role is about today and how it might evolve in the future.

The study found three core themes to the CSO’s general responsibilities:

  1. Make sense of the external environment and bring insight back into the firm
  2. Help the organisation reconfigure its strategy
  3. Provide thought leadership and help align teams by engaging, educating and connecting

Regarding the future the central finding is that the CSO role will most probably grow in prominence over the next two years. However there are some who argue that it will be dispersed in the organizations or assigned directly to the CEO.

The full study can be opened directly from this link.

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