IKEA has unified electric car charging systems in three Hungarian stores A total of 46 charging stations await electric car users at the Örs Vezer Square, Budaörs and Soroksár stores, the latter of which is one of the largest charging stations in Budapest, supporting more sustainable transport.

The charging stations were operated and procured by the electromobility service provider PARKL, and are currently undergoing a test run. The downloaded app allows all three stores to use the installed 22 kW AC chargers, which are powered by the same renewable energy sources used by the store, in the same way.

With the support of a professional partner, IKEA has created a state-of-the-art electric charging system that offers the highest possible quality of service to its customers with convenience features such as occupancy check and cashless payment.

The test run will last until 15 December, after which customers will be able to charge their electric vehicles at a price below the average market price of 80 HUF/kWH, while enjoying the convenience services available in the PARKL app.

The download of the PARKL app is required for the charging process. After registration, the vehicle must be connected to the charger and the icon for the chargers on the map must be selected in the app. Then press the start charging button in the app and select the appropriate charging head. To finish charging, click on the stop charging button in the charging details in the app.

Customers can also start charging without registering, following the instructions on the charging point.

Source: ikea.com (translated with deepl.com)

Cover picture: ikea.com