Sodexo is the first company in the Czech Republic that decided to recycle the used benefit cards of customers. Holders of expired meal vouchers and leisure cards can return them by the end of April.

According to the company at the end of March, tens of thousands of our benefit cards will expire. The company therefore decided to offer the holders of the cards to return the card if they want them to be recycled. Individual clients can bring or send the cards to the Sodexo Customer Center in Prague or Brno. On the other hand companies can collect cards from employees and deliver them in bulk in one package.

The recycling is done by the company LOGECO using their ERVOeco technology. This solution is an emission-free waste treatment method. It decomposes the plastic cards into the original fabrics from which they were made. From these substances, new products can be then manufactured, for example new payment cards or plush toys.

For each card returned, Sodexo donates CZK 10 to the Partnership Foundation, which provides tree planting throughout the Czech Republic as part of the Betting the Future program.

This is not the first time a Czech company wants to deal with the plastic waste from cards. In a similar example O2 reduced the size of the sim cards to avoid plastic waste generation.

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