On Tuesday, January 5, the energy company Petrol Ljubljana announced on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange website that after fulfilling the conditions, the transaction of purchasing a 100% business share in the electricity distributor company E3 was completed with the seller Elektro Primorska. 

Petrol Ljubljana’s predominant activity is to sell petroleum products and other energy products (liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas and electricity), it operates 318 service stations and has a 56-percent share of the Slovene retail market in petroleum products.

According to Slovenian media reports, the purchase price of Nova Gorica-based E3, active in western Slovenia, is about 15 million euro ($18.5 million). Petrol Ljubljana is The contract for the acquisition of E3 was signed in February 2020.

Petrol Ljubljana intends to develop E3 business in the future, retaining existing jobs. Petrol has committed not to move the company’s headquarters from Nova Gorica. The company E3 is the fourth largest seller of electricity in Slovenia with a market share of 11%.

Source: energetika-net.com

Cover photo: Petrol Ljubljana official