The Ministry of the Environment in Slovakia said that it was considering to introduce extended producer responsibility regulation to textile producers.

The Ministry does not rule out that this type of waste will be addressed in the near future in the same way as the responsibility of producers of other products. Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is an EU regulation that makes the producers responsible to finance and implement recollection and recycling schemes in order to meet recycling targets. Products that typically fall under the regulation in countries are packaging, electronics etc.

By introducing extended producer responsibility also in the area of ​​textiles it could finance the setting up and operation of a new separate collection system. Collection of textile waste is currently typically being done with special containers operated by charities or private companies. Additionally some brands have already started to introduce recollection in stores as a reaction to the growing interest in sustainability from consumers and also as a result of sustainability becoming a key topic in fashion industry.


Cover photo: unsplash / Kelly Sikkema