Shell Czech Republic a.s. offers its corporate customers the opportunity to offset CO₂ and other greenhouse gas emissions from refuelling with Shell fuel cards. Shell offsets CO₂ emissions by purchasing carbon credits from international projects for the protection and restoration of natural ecosystems.

Corporate customers with a Shell fuel card can now use a new service to offset CO₂ and other greenhouse gas emissions. Shell will calculate the total emissions from the fuel used by its customers (from the extraction of the oil through the production and transport of the fuel to its final combustion in the engine) and then offset the carbon footprint of the fuel by purchasing the appropriate amount of carbon credits. Shell purchases carbon credits from projects aimed at protecting and restoring natural ecosystems. These projects are certified by internationally recognised organisations to guarantee their positive and demonstrable environmental impact and emissions reduction. Each carbon credit represents the avoidance or reduction of 1 tonne of CO₂.

In practice, this means that Shell will enter into an agreement with a corporate customer to provide this service for a minimum of one year. The amount of the fee for this service will be determined by the amount of CO₂ equivalent emissions released into the atmosphere over the life cycle of all fuels (petrol, diesel, LPG, CNG and AdBlue) refuelled by the customer. At the end of each year, Shell will issue a certificate to the customer detailing the fuel consumed by the entire fleet and the total emissions that the company has offset with the help of this programme.

“I’m pleased that we can also offer our customers in the Czech Republic the opportunity to offset CO₂ emissions from traditional fuels they purchase through Shell fuel cards. From our conversations with representatives of transport and logistics companies, we sense their current need to find solutions to reduce emissions in transport, as their customers often require them too. We definitely want to be our customers’ partner in this very topical issue,” says Daniel Vagaský, Shell Fleet Solutions Manager for Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

The possibility to offset CO₂ and other greenhouse gas emissions that cannot yet be prevented is complementary to other Shell Group solutions aimed at preventing emissions (e.g. development of a network of charging stations for electric vehicles, investment in the development of a network of hydrogen or LNG stations) or reducing them (e.g. development of low-emission fuels or biofuels). All these activities help the company to fulfil its global vision of becoming a carbon neutral company by 2050, in line with the company’s shift towards carbon neutrality.

Shell has already started similar service in Poland earlier this year.

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