In its first independent ESG Risk Rating by Sustainalytics, as of August 2021, Schur Flexibles has come out on top in its subindustry and is ranked second in the entire “containers & packaging” industry. With an ESG Risk Rating of 9.0, the packaging specialist is the only company in the industry assessed by Sustainalytics to be at “negligible risk” of experiencing material financial impacts from ESG factors. This top performance is based on its holistic sustainability approach to its products and processes.

Flexible packaging specialist Schur Flexibles puts sustainability at the core of its business. “We consider the question of HOW we produce in every step of our operations, while also accounting for people, our environment and our economic system. Over the last few years, we have intensified our efforts to drive positive change in all these areas to support the Sustainable Development Goals, to advance the European Green Deal and to boost the transformation of our sector,” says Michael Schernthaner, CEO Schur Flexibles Group. “We are very pleased that we have shown such an outstanding performance in our first rating by Sustainalytics. This is a joint success story of our employees, and I would also like to thank all our partners, customers and suppliers, who are joining us on this journey. The rating also motivates us to step up our efforts and to push ahead with our continuous improvement measures. Our goal is to become a leader in sustainability in our industry.

Schur Flexibles Group, which has been growing dynamically over the last few years, develops and produces tailor-made packaging innovations along its integrated value chain at 23 European production plants. With its investments and innovations, the Group seeks to pave the way for a circular economy. The key objectives of the company’s sustainability programmes focus on the research and development of recyclable materials, the highest resource efficiency of processes and products as well as on “zero waste”.

Our reports systematically cover the relevant sustainability parameters for all our group companies. Our best practices are based on these results and our experience. Our Schur Flexibles Sustainability Committee manages our long-term goals by setting clear KPIs and suggesting additional measures. This transparency and clarity of our sustainability commitment ensure the positive development of our internal processes and our projects with partners, customers and suppliers,“ say Martin Berlekamp, Head of Sustainability, and Fiene Berger, CSR Manager, Schur Flexibles Group.

The ESG Risk Ratings by Sustainalytics analyse a company’s exposure to current and potential material ESG issues and assess how its programmes and practices manage these topics. The multidimensional approach of the ratings based on management concepts and exposure allows the company to provide a holistic assessment of the ESG risks.

For detailed information about the sustainability management at Schur Flexibles please consult the Group’s Sustainability Report and its Annual Report.


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