Santander Consumer Multirent, a Polish car leasing company has launched a new initiative to help their customers make their cars and travels carbon neutral.

The new platform helps customers to calculate how much carbon footprint their cars produce. Then they will be able to compensate for this CO2 emissions. This will be done using carbon credits. These credits are practically certificates that prove that a certain amount of CO2 has been removed from the atmosphere for example by planting trees. By buying these credits one can compensate the actual emissions of the car.

Santander  Consumer Multirent cooperated with Chooose organization in this project. The calculations are based on the criteria defined in the Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Testing Procedure and the New European Driving Cycle.

This is another example that an increasing number of companies from the region now try to help customers to neutralize their carbon emissions. Only in Poland there have been two similar initiatives announced. One by the railway carrier PKP Intercity and the other from the fuel company Shell Polska.

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