Coca-Cola is launching a new packaging of its natural mineral water brand Römerquelle on the Slovak market. It will now also be available in the popular 1.5 litre bottles throughout the market. As the sustainability of its packaging is key for the company, Römerquelle water will be packaged in PET bottles made from 100% recycled material, the so-called rPET.

Coca-Cola HBC and The Coca-Cola Company are thus continuing to deliver on their joint commitment to sustainability and circularity in packaging materials, based on their joint global initiative World Without Waste. Following the recent launch of a 100% recycled PET bottle for their Natura mineral water brand in the Czech market, they will also apply it for the Römerquelle brand of premium mineral waters. Similar to the 0.5 litre pack, the new 1.5 litre pack will also come in a so-called rPET bottle. This type of bottle is 100% made from recycled PET material from former bottles.

“Römerquelle water in a 100% rPET bottle is an example of how to ensure circularity in beverage packaging, it is made from recycled bottles and can be fully recycled further,” said Michal Čubrík, External Relations Manager for Coca-Cola HBC Czech Republic and Slovakia, adding, “Sustainability and responsibility for our packaging is a key theme for us at Coca-Cola HBC. Our commitments and goals in this area are highly ambitious.”

“Coca-Cola is committed to using at least 50% recycled material across its entire plastic bottle portfolio by 2025. Römerquelle water is our leader, but we are also increasing the recycling rate in other products. Already today, all our packaging is 100% recyclable,” said Veronika Němcová, Director of Communications and Sustainability at Coca-Cola Czech Republic and Slovakia.


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