The Responsible Business Forum published its “Responsible Business in Poland. Good Practices” report.

The latest edition contains 1,958 examples of good practices (1,696 in the previous edition), which were submitted by 225 companies (214 in the previous edition), including 57 companies from the micro, small and medium sector (55 in the previous edition). In terms of best practices, it is a record publication, while the number of companies is the second result in the history of the report.

The number of nearly 2,000 CSR activities consists of two groups of practices. The first of these are new practices, reported for the first time to the report. The latest edition includes 1013 of them (712 in the previous edition). The second group consists of long-term practices, already published in previous editions of the report, but implemented in the last year. This year, there were 945 initiatives in the field of corporate responsibility (983 in the previous edition).

The Responsible Business Forum is the largest NGO in Poland addressing the concept of corporate social responsibility in a comprehensive manner, with the longest tradition in Poland, operating since 2000. The Forum is an expert organisation that initiates and partners in key activities for the Polish CSR.

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