Austria’s second largest construction group PORR has climbed to the top of the sustainability rankings of international ratings agency ISS ESG in its industry sector. The C+ awarded has given the company Prime status. This also makes PORR the most sustainable construction company on its home markets, especially in Austria and Germany.

“PORR has a strong ESG base and this award is the best proof of that,” said PORR CEO, Karl-Heinz Strauss. “This rating is a huge step forward for us and shows we are a leader in our industry and on our markets”.

According to ISS, Prime companies are leaders in sustainability in their respective sectors. To assess enterprises, ISS selects more than 100 industry-specific criteria under the pillars of Environmental (E), Social (S) and Governance (G) to arrive at the ESG rating. At the same time, it takes into account a company’s risks and opportunities by evaluating so-called Key Issues relevant to the sector.

PORR – a European ESG champion in construction

ESG criteria are set to be the most important drivers for investments by customers and investors. PORR has set itself clear and ambitious targets regarding sustainability and is increasing its transparency step by step. With its Prime status from ISS, PORR is the highest-ranked company on its home markets based on ESG criteria in its industry.

Due to the high energy and resource consumption, the construction industry’s impacts on society and the environment are various and require a global, future-focused mindset. Building in a way that is genuinely sustainable demands a holistic view that considers the entire life cycle. In the long term this needs engagement with topics like energy efficiency, switching to renewable energy, resource efficiency through closed cycles, green roofs, responsible sourcing, certification systems and sustainable supply chains.


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