Climate Action Network (CAN) brings together more than 1,300 non-governmental organizations from around the world that deal with air protection and the fight against climate change to compile its index annually. The CCPI (Climate Change Performance Index) evaluates 57 countries (and also the EU as a whole). Evaluation criteria includes climate and energy policy, the amount of greenhouse gas emissions or the share of energy from renewable sources.

In their new index released on 7th of December 2020 from the Central European region Croatia won the best place in the ranking gaining the 18th highest scores. It is followed by Romania and the Slovak Republic (position 30 and 31).

The countries with the lowest scores from the region are Poland (48), Hungary (50) and Slovenia (51).

In the index the worst performers globally are the USA and Saudi Arabia. The top score went to Sweden however interestingly the first 3 places are not given to anybody. The team which prepares the index said that:

“No country performs well enough in all CCPI index categories to achieve an overall very high rating. The first three positions in the overall ranking therefore remain empty. This says a great deal.”

Deatils can be read on the CCPI website: