Poles are becoming more and more aware consumers of environmentally friendly products. This makes it important also for food producers to implement innovative solutions for sustainable agriculture and food production. The MLEKOVITA Group a dairy product company is aware of the seriousness of the issue. Driven by the conviction that environmental protection is necessary to produce products that support a healthy and balanced diet, MLEKOVITA has been focusing on sustainable development for many years, covering all aspects of its activity.

The long-term partnership cooperation with milk producers is of key importance for the sustainable development of the MLEKOVITA Group; cooperation with the best suppliers of packaging, materials and services as well as intensive development and implementation of innovative technical and organizational solutions at a global level, taking into account their impact on the environment and food health safety.

– Contemporary consumers are more and more aware and pay more attention to whether the dairy products they choose have been produced in accordance with the principles of sustainable agriculture and food production. At MLEKOVIC, we are well aware that the quality of our products begins at the stage of obtaining the raw material. That is why our production is based on long-term partnerships with 15,000 Polish farmers – producers of the highest quality milk. We appreciate their daily work, aimed at improving the conditions of breeding and developing our own farms, and thus meeting the highest standards of the delivered raw material required by us – says Dariusz Sapiński, President of the Management Board of the MLEKOVITA Group . –An element of our strategy is also cooperation with the best suppliers of systems and solutions for food production, including packaging and machines with the highest pro-environmental standards in order to provide consumers with dairy products in a safe, effective and environmentally friendly way. We are constantly developing, modernizing our plants, investing in new production lines and technologies to make them as environmentally and socially friendly as possible .

MLEKOVITA has been taking a number of activities that prove the company tries to have a positive impact on the natural environment. These efforts and investments affect for example the water and energy consumption of the company.

MLEKOVITA also implements an ecological approach to product packaging. Limiting the amount of plastics in packaging, e.g. by reducing the thickness of the foil in sliced ​​cheese packaging or by introducing mugs with direct printing all contribute to the efforts that allow the company to reduce the amount of plastics by as much as 100,000 kg per year .

One additional aspect of the environmental efforts is the dynamically developing category of organic products on the market. The company’s portfolio already includes several products with the EU organic farming logo. In the BIO Ecological line the company offers, among others fresh and UHT milk, butter, natural yoghurt, kefir and cheese.

Source and full article: mlekovita.com

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