Latvian information technology company “WinGo Deposit” has received funding for further development of its innovative waste sorting equipment.

“WinGo” has created a device that promises to change the waste sorting process forever with the help of an artificial intelligence solution. Unlike similar products elsewhere in the world, the WinGo Deposit device created in Latvia accepts, recognizes and sorts various types of both flattened and unflattened packaging, including batteries, metal cans, tetrapacks, PET and glass bottles, with the help of artificial intelligence.

The new deposit equipment is currently being tested and improved so that it can soon be introduced in all Latvian cities and implemented in other European countries. Moreover WinGo Deposit has also signed an agreement with the UK authorities responsible for waste management to distribute the company’s deposit facility abroad, starting in Southeast Asia.

The current funding has been awarded in the frame of the European Union-funded project called BOWI (Boosting Widening Digital Innovation Hubs). In the BOWI project “WinGo” has received support and funding for further development steps. The BOWI project is implemented in the context of the European Commission’s (EC) Horizon 2020 research and innovation program.

Intelligent waste recollection and sorting machines are about to receive increased attention even in central Europe. Besides Latvia there are also plans in Poland and Hungary for the increased use of such machines in the future.


Cover picture: unsplash / Nick Fewings