Kofola proves once again that it is serious about sustainability. After a challenging year affected by the covid, it has come up with a new project Cirkulka, thanks to which it will expand its portfolio of traditional drinks in returnable glass bottles to shops and large chains. Thanks to a special modular container, it will also maintain the existing convenience for consumers.

“At Kofola, we believe that every change you need to start with yourself. As we reduce our environmental burden, we are increasing the demands on the packaging we use at Kofola to lead the way to a zero-waste solution,” explains Jannis Samaras, CEO of Kofola Group, adding, “We honour the principle of RRR, or Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. It is the basic principle of environmentally friendly waste management. After having launched bottles made of 100% recycled plastic (rPET), we have now decided to come up with the concept of easy-to-carry returnable soft drink bottles. You will now be able to buy our favourite drinks at home in returnable glass.”

Kofola follows what used to be common in our countries – buying sodas and waters in bottles and containers. However, thanks to a special modular container with a carry handle, it maintains the convenience we have become accustomed to as consumers. “We have done everything possible to ensure that the returnable bottle system contributes to extending the life of the packaging and minimising waste,” Samaras adds.

The modular container will hold six litre bottles. There will be a choice of traditional Kofola, grape Vinea or Rajec spring water.

“We have been working on the project for more than two years and in the coming weeks we will present it to the retail chains so that they can prepare their logistics. Cirkulka not only reflects our sustainable thinking about packaging, but also meets consumer demand. Reusable glass saves natural resources and the innovative container is made of recycled plastic,” says Daniel Buryš, CEO of Kofola Czechoslovakia. Kofola plans to launch the new bottles during the spring of next year. “Virtually our entire range of products for the gastronomy industry already uses returnable packaging, we have experience with it and are ready for the expansion into stores,” adds Daniel Buryš.

Kofola is constantly looking for ways to reduce its carbon footprint, produce as little waste as possible and be as local as possible. In addition to a sophisticated packaging strategy, it uses CNG trucks, focuses on the origin of the raw materials it uses, creates organic sites around its plants and grows its own herbs there. But it also translates sustainable thinking into sub-decisions – from reducing aluminium staples on LEROS tea bags, to processing the juiced pulp from fruit and using it in UGO Pulp (biscuits and crackers).

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Cover picture: kofola.cz