The employees of the Iki retail chain can support the company’s initiative to use green energy by using electricity produced from renewable sources also in their homes. During the first 4 months of this year, the employees of the retail network consumed more than 33MWh of green electricity. It is estimated that this use of energy reduces CO2 emissions by more than 20,000 kilograms – the equivalent of planting 1538 trees.

“Responsible activities have long been our daily routine. We focus on sustainability and make decisions that reduce the impact on the environment. We implement solutions to reduce CO2 emissions in the company’s activities. Also, recognizing the importance of climate change for each of us, we involve all our employees in sustainable initiatives. When we gave our employees the opportunity to use green energy at home, it immediately received support, ”says Edita Jakučionytė-Lukšė, HR Manager of the Iki retail chain.

According to the HR manager the idea of helping emloyees to use green electricity came from the desire to not only to contribute to the reduction of environmental impact in the company’s operations, but also in everyone in their own homes. There is a view that sustainability and the desire to live more harmoniously with the surrounding environment should become a part of everyone’s life.

“We wanted to encourage our employees to contribute to sustainable initiatives as easily as possible, so we signed a contract with an energy supplier so that employees can also use electricity produced from renewable sources in their homes without additional investment. In this way, every person working at Iki can contribute to the preservation of nature, a clean environment and the reduction of CO2 emissions, ”says E. Jakučionytė-Lukšė.

Using green electricity at home is extremely easy. Employees do not need additional tools or actions – it is enough to register on the platform specially created by UAB Palink. Every employee of the company registered here receives the most suitable green electricity offer for the home and can sign a contract with the electricity supplier. 

In the operations of the company the switch to the use of green electricity started in 2016 and steadily increased. At present, green electricity accounts for as much as 90% all energy consumed by the retail chain. 

In March of this year, the Iki retail chain was recognized as one of the most sustainable brands in the country for socially responsible activities. In reached as the fifth best in the Sustainable Brand Index.


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