The MÁV-Volán Group aims to achieve climate neutrality by 2050 and has developed its sustainability objectives to achieve this. The Group presented its green strategic goals on Earth Day, with a particular focus on reducing CO2 emissions from transport operators, green digitalisation, efficient energy management, reducing the environmental burden of waste and the transition to a circular economy, as well as the development of environmentally friendly, sustainable corporate operations.

The Group’s green campaign was launched in conjunction with the European Year of Rail on 17 February 2021. From this date, on all electronic train tickets and season tickets issued by MÁV-START, as well as on printed tickets and season tickets where this does not lead to additional paper consumption, the railway company will indicate the CO2 emission savings for the distance.

On average, a passenger who chooses to travel by rail instead of by car with MÁV-START will have more than 70% less CO2 emissions per kilometre.

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