Haidlmair is an Austrian toolmaker baed in Nussbach. The company has been focusing on sustainability for several years.

However recently the company decided to change even its slogan to show its committment and they changed from the previous version “For Higher Productivity” to “Productivity for Sustainability”.

The company however does not only use sustainability in slogans and words but they have implemented several initiatives already to do their part in the fight against climate change.

These actions include changes in the infrastructure and in operations. For example the company has reviewed the entire production process and found a lot of potential for CO2 savings. On the other hand they made changes in the site infrastructure as well. The lighting in the factory halls was converted to modern, energy-saving LED technology, the ventilation systems were optimized, the factory is supplied with 100% renewable electricity and they optimzed the thermal insulation and the heat protection of the site.

One of the most spectacular action is that the company gives the employees the option to purchase electric cars at a particularly low preferential price. As a result around 15 percent of the employees are already using environmentally friendly e-vehicles from BMW and Volkswagen. These electric cars can be charged free of charge at specially installed charging stations during working hours. 

Source: tips.at, kunststoff-zeitschrift.at

Cover picture: Haidlmair