Franck has published its first Sustainability Report, entitled Sustainability in a Cup in Croatian and English language.

The report is prepared in accordance with GRI Standard, the most widely used international standard for sustainability reporting.

The company also placed a strong focus on the relevant goals of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

Most material sustainability topics for the company include product development as well as sustainable consumption and production.

One way to manage the company’s impact is through cooperation within International Coffee Partners (ICP) as well as the coffee & climate initiative. This includes the training of small coffee growers and family farms to effectively adapt and respond to climate change that significantly affects coffee availability and quality. 

According to Franck the ICP projects in 2019 involved almost 49,000 small coffee growers and family farms in six different regions around the world. Thus, their average coffee production increased by 44 percent compared to 2018.

Supply chain management does not only mean coffee sourcing only for the company. Even though coffee supply chain is an international business, suppliers from Croatia make up 55 percent of the total turnover of all Franck’s suppliers.

Franck is a Croatian producer and exporter of food, mainly coffee and tea products. Its headquarters is in Zagreb. Franck operates, with its subsidiaries, in the markets of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and North Macedonia, as well as Slovakia and Austria and exports to its products to several more countries.


Cover picture: Franck official