DPDgroup a leading courier services company has an ambitious committment to reduce its CO2 emissions.

By 2025 they want to reduce their CO2 emissions per parcel by 30% globally. To make the most meaningful impact, they concentrate on cities where the pollution and the population density is the highest.Their target is to deliver the 200 largest cities in Europe by 2025 with zero- and low-emission vehicles.

The Polish branch of the company is no exception from this ambition and is investing already in low carbon infrastructure including sorting and parcel machines to shorten delivery routes

The company also intends to electrify its fleet starting with 50 electric vehicles.

DPD Polska has also selected a charging infrastructure supplier. This company will be Elocity which will provide 150 charging stations and energy management tools for the Polish fleet. 

DPDgroup intends not only to expand the European fleet by 7,000 zero emission vehicles, but also to install 3,600 charging stations in various European cities. The DPD Polska and Elocity agreement will enable the implementation of these plans in Poland.

Source: green-news.pl, dpd.com

Cover picture: dpd.com