The German group Dalli, the most important detergent manufacturer in Romania, takes an important step in its sustainable development strategy and moves most deliveries from Romania to Germany and Belgium by train.

For this intermodal transport project, Dalli is collaborating with the Austrian company LKW Walter. There are up to 8 departures per week from Curtici, Romania, to Duisburg and Herne, Germany. The distance between the two intermodal hubs is about 1,500 km. In this way, Dalli saves 4,700 tons of CO2 per year according to the calculations of LKW Walter.

This is not the first similar collaboration between Dalli and LKW Walter. The intermodal connection has already been in use between Vienna and Herne since 2016. Rail transport is an important part of our sustainability strategy, ”said Theo Göbbels, Logistics Manager Dalli.

The Dalli Group started its production in Romaniaa at the end of 2014, after taking over the P&G factory in Timişoara. In 2019, according to data published by the Ministry of Finance, the company recorded a turnover of almost 389 million lei (EUR 80 million) and a gross profit of over 9.3 million lei (EUR 1.9 million).


Cover picture:dalli-group