The largest Czech online food retailer Rohlík has launched the sale of dairy products under its own brand Miil, where the customer gets information about the CO2 emissions associated with a given yogurt or milk. This is the first major attempt in the Czech Republic from a retailer to provide information on the carbon footprint of food products.

There are currently 28 products under the Miil brand of Rohlík. The customer will always find data on a specific carbon footprint for each product on the seller’s website

At this point carbon footprint is only calculated for the Miil dairy products but the company does not rule our to show similar information for a wider range of products.

At the same time Tohlík does not only calculate the carbon footprint of the Miil products but also makes the brand carbon neutral.

The carbon footprint is calculated by CI2, which deals with both its measurement and carbon footprint compensation projects. Rohlík in order to ensure that the Miil products are truly “sold” as carbon-neutral, will compensate for the emissions created by their production. The most common way of compensation is through planting trees.

According to the company the first project selected for carbon offsetting is the Tree Line along the cycle path below Vlčnovské bouda and in the future customers will be able to choose the other projects by voting.

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