Circular economy and especially plastic waste is a hot topic when it comes to sustainability in everyday life. At the same time food and beverage packaging is not only among the biggest in quantity but also the most visible waste type.

Coca-Cola now wants customers in Hungary to have more information about recycling and help create a waste-free society and launched an advertisement capaign about the topic. At the same time Coca-Cola has its own waste-free worlds strategy with actions that the company is following through.

The capmaign is called “Empty Bottle is Value” and includes TV commercials, online short videos and digital banners, as well as articles on packaging options and sustainability tips. Consumers can win valuable promotion materials using codes in the caps on promotional products.

Coca-Cola PET bottles are already 100 percent recyclable in Hungary, so it is important that they are placed in the right place and not disposed of in the nature. The company is also steadily reducing the amount of plastic used in its bottles globally. For example, thanks to improvements, 600 tons less plastic was used in production last year than a year earlier.

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