The fifth annual Sustainability Report of Carlsberg Poland presents the results of implementation of the sustainability strategy Together Towards ZERO in Poland. It includes four priorities: ZERO carbon footprint, ZERO water waste, ZERO irresponsible alcohol consumption and ZERO accidents. These goals are in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

– The year 2020 was unique and difficult for everyone. The outbreak of a pandemic forced us to adapt smoothly to new circumstances. Our overriding objective during this period was to ensure the safety of the workforce and maintain business continuity. Thanks to the great commitment of our employees, we introduced all the new products on time and our breweries operated without interruption, allowing for a successful end to the year. The progress in implementing the strategy presented in the report is to help us continue “brewing for a better today and tomorrow” while recovering from COVID-19. Achieving these goals will also enable us to minimise in the future the risks stemming from i.a. the climate crisis, which increasingly affects our lives – says Mieszko Musiał, CEO of Carlsberg Polska.

Zero carbon Footprint

The investments implemented at Carlsberg Poland’s breweries have contributed to a 5.6 percent reduction in electricity and heat consumption, and thus a 6.7 percent reduction in CO2 emissions in 2020 compared to 2019. Increasing the efficiency of the logistics network reduced CO2 emissions by about 390 tons in 2020. 50 percent of cans are made from thinner sheet metal, and increasing to 8 layers of cans per pallet has resulted in savings of 0.5 million and a CO2 reduction of 160 tons per year. In addition, 91 percent of the returnable glass bottles were returned to the breweries and refilled with beer.

Zero Water Loss

The Carlsberg Polska breweries have reduced water consumption by 8 percent through water use and treatment practices. Process water recovery and reuse projects have saved in 2020 8000 m3 of water. Approximately 2.66 hl of water was used to brew 1 hl of finished beer in 2020. This compares to 2.9 hl/hl in 2019.

Zero Irresponsible Alcohol Consumption

Carlsberg Poland supports consumers and society in responsible alcohol consumption in several ways. Firstly, by providing a wider portfolio of non-alcoholic variants every year – in 2020 the offer included 5 novelties and the growth dynamics of the sale value of Carlsberg Polska’s non-alcoholic beers now reaches 47.5 percent, as more and more people prefer a healthy and active lifestyle and approach alcohol consumption responsibly.

In the area of responsible alcohol consumption, Carlsberg Poland, in co-operation with the Union of Brewing Industry Employers “Browary Polskie” and taking its own initiatives, has conducted activities targeted in particular at drivers, pregnant women, minors and sellers. One of the key ones is the educational program “I think soberly”. In 2020 about 2.6 million recipients were familiarised with the educational message of the 4th edition.

Zero Accidents

Safety is ingrained in the work culture at Carlsberg Polska. All the company’s breweries have e.g. a certified Occupational Health and Safety Management System OHSAS 18001. In the difficult time of the pandemic it was important to take care of the employees’ safety as well as their mental health and wellbeing. As part of these activities in Carlsberg Poland additional trainings “Healthy Balance” and “Development Wednesdays” conducted by trainers, psychologists and therapists have been implemented. In addition, the company has increased employee involvement in caring for safety in the workplace, which has resulted in a 30 percent reduction in the accident rate. Already 95 percent of brewery and warehouse employees participate in observation activities that help eliminate potentially dangerous situations that could result in an accident.

– In addition to taking care of our employees, during the pandemic we also took care of our business partners, especially the catering industry, which was particularly affected by the lockdown. At our own expense, we collected and disposed of unsold beer from our customers and provided complimentary non-alcoholic products to strengthen the sales offer for takeaway meals. We are also part of local communities and have been supporting them for years, among others through grant programs by providing in 2020 We are also part of local communities and have been supporting them for years, e.g. through grant programs, providing 8 grants of PLN 10,000 each to organizations in the regions. In agreement with local authorities we have donated PLN 200 thousand each to three hospitals in towns where we have breweries to buy equipment needed to fight the pandemic” adds Mieszko Musial.

Carlsberg Poland Sustainability Report is available on the company’s website, on the Sustainable Development tab under the following link:

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