In this series under the good-to-know section we will try to list the corporate blogs that can be useful for professionals interested in sustainability.

Corporate blogs are a special type of information source. They are not news sites in the traditional sense and are very often overlooked by readers.

This is probably because some readers have the feeling that these migh convey biased information or just push the agenda of the corporate sector. However, this is a significant misunderstanding.

In reality, these blogs are very often about important and relevant topics and are usually written by key experts of the companies. These authors have a very good understanding of the most important global and regional trends and can give a corporate insight into those topics that is very hard to obtain from other sources. And with sustainability and ESG becoming an increasingly important topic on corporate agenda, nowadays they are a very good source of corporate sustainability information.

Lets take a look first at the site,
the international blog of Raiffeisen Bank International.

The blog defines itself as the “blog and information platform for leading experts, analysts and successful entrepreneurs and companies, to share their ideas, visions and experiences about doing business in CEE. Our goal is to connect opinion leaders, inspire entrepreneurs and businesses and show the potential, diversity and beauty of the entire CEE region.

It has articles about all aspects of doing business in the region and sometimes even has topics of general interest such as Christmas traditions. It also has a considerable and good quality sustainability content, even though there is no separate sustainability category or section. Therefore we have to search to find older relevant articles.

Below we made a small selection from the sustainability related articles, enjoy reading them!

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