Bayer’s long-term education campaign which focused on ‘safety’ has been transformed and is now focusing on ‘sustainability’ in accordance with Bayer’s global goals.

Every year, Bayer carries out a variety of educational activities in the field of correct, responsible farming practices. The target audience of this agricultural knowledge sharing includes farms, future farmers, fruit growers and gardeners. So far, the leading topics have included selection of personal protective equipment, use of original plant protection products, quality of crops and maintenance of permissible levels of residues, biodiversity or ways of dealing with drought and climate change. 

The new campaign which will put an increased emphasis on the topic of climate change and its impact on agriculture, based on experiences. By placing sustainable agriculture at the center of the initiative, Bayer wants to show how agricultural activity can ensure efficient production of safe food and a stable income for farmers, without over-exploiting natural resources.

With the new name, the campaign will also have international reach, similar trainings are planned for farmers about agriculture in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The common brand will increase the visibility and recognition of Bayer’s sustainable farming activities.


Cover picture: Bayer