BASF Polska joined the 2nd edition of the program called ‘Climate Leadership powered by UN Environment’ organized by UNEP / GRID-Warsaw Center.

The aim of the Climate Leadership program is to build a community of business leaders who, understanding the necessity of climate change, see it as an opportunity for development. Working with Program experts, the companies develop and then implement solutions that measurably reduce their impact on the global climate.

In the first edition, ten companies joined the Program, which in the course of work with experts associated with the Program, developed the currently implemented pro-climate solutions. The summary of the first edition was presented in the publication “Business for change”.

The originators of the Climate Leadership program are the Director of the UNEP / GRID-Warsaw Center, Maria Andrzejewska, and Professor Bolesław Rok from the Kozminski University. The organizer of the project is the UNEP / GRID-Warsaw Center, which has been carrying out the mission of the United Nations Environment Program in Poland for nearly 30 years.


Cover picture: BASF