Used cooking oil has a significant adverse environmental impact, especially if it is disposed of on soil or in living waters. In sewage networks it causes problems in pipelines and during waste water treatment as well. The worst case is if it enters living waters untreated where a single drop of used cooking oil can contaminate up to a thousand gallons of water.

On the other hand used cooking oil is a valuable material and 100% recyclable. Unfortunately today in Hungary only around 2% is recollected and recycled of the 25,000 tons of used cooking oil generated by households.

To offer a solution for this problem selected Aldi stores in Hungary will start to recollect used cooking oil. The collection will be done in partnership with Biofilter Environmental Protection coLtd. In the first phase 11 Aldi stores in Hungary will start the used cooking oil collection.

Biofilter transfers the purified vegetable oil for cleaning and refining so that it can be used in biodiesel production. According to the current regulations, diesel fuel must have a 8.2% biodiesel content. Producing biodiesel from waste is even more beneficial from environmental point of view than making the biodiesel from primary agricultural raw materials.


Cover picture: Aldi official