About us

What is SNEU about?

This site was created to share news and insights about corporate sustainability management focusing on the Central European region.

Sustainability is a broad topic and we want to cover all aspects of it. No matter if you call it SUSTAINABILITY, CSR, ESG sustainabilitynews.eu is the right place to find the latest news and insights.

Our aim is to promote sustainable corporate practices, help companies and professionals in developing their sustainability agenda and ultimately to create a professional community in the region.

If you have any questions about who we are and what we do please contact us on info@sustainabilitynews.eu

What is our geographical coverage?

We cover mainly Central Europe and in case of worldwide developments we want to show the regional impacts.

  • The coverage is also extended with the Baltic region and parts of South-Eastern Europe
  • We do not yet cover Germany but it is also planned on the mid-term