In the Czech Republic twelve large companies recently made a joint public call for more action in the field of sustainable development both from the private and the public sector.

In the joint text, the companies not only committed themselves to saving natural resources and introducing circular economy actions, but also asked the government to take a clear position on sustainability and to translate it into strategic documents and legislation.

This call was made in the form of a memorandum called ‘Driving Sustainability’, which was presented at the German-Czech Economic Forum conference on February 10 at the #PartnersForSustainability platform.

The platform includes leaders from the companies of Škoda Auto, Siemens, Bosch, Vodafone, E.ON, Kaufland, Brose, Borgers, Hochtief, ING, Schunk and the UCEEB ČVUT centers.

#PartnersForSustainability is a platform of the Czech-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, partner companies and institutions, which helps to combine economic competitiveness with environmental and social responsibility and thus co-create the transition to a sustainable future. The partners are convinced that a restart after a pandemic can only meaningfully take place if there is a transformation towards a sustainable economy.

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